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Basic 2 hour vehicle familiarisation course to get you confident with your own 4x4 in adverse weather or off road conditions Learn the basics of 4 wheel drive vehicles, and have a detailed lesson based on your own vehicle. Now use one of our 4x4 vehicles to practice the basic techniques of driving in bad conditions on our purpose built site.

This course is run as a one to one course. PRICE £129.00

Continuing on from our basic course, we have an intermediate course for the occasional off road user. This will give you the opportunity to practice failed hill recovery techniques, experience cross axle situations, side slopes, cadence braking and lots more. The course may be run as a 1 to 1 session lasting 3 hours, or as a full day course as part of a group. PRICE £220.00 per person

Vehicle mounted winches can be used for various reasons, from self Recovery to casualty rescue. Whatever your winching requirement, it must be carried out safely and confidently. The basic course is a half day covering Health and safety, essential safety equipment, basic set up and practice. PRICE £135.00 per person.

For an additional cost, the course can be extended to a full day for an individual or group, giving you a variety of scenarios using your equipment in a realistic situation. We are happy to travel to your location, please call us to discuss your requirements.